Multiplayer game about flying different vehicles ! You play by launching and controlling flying vehicles. Your vehicles are your way of locomotion as you teleport where they crash. Open sandbox multiplayer world. You can buy new vehicles at one of shops. Complete mission and tournament to win more gold. If you like it, say it ! It will encourage me to work on the game and make me happy ! Features Fun physics simulation of flying RC vehicles Real drone simulation : train to fly a drone with controllers Strange locomotion system : teleport by crashing planes Play online with your friends and beat theirs scores Enter in-game tournament to challenge your friends Rebindable Inputs ( free to use with your RC controllers Open world map of 16 km²

Video game prototype made in 48h for Ludum Dare Game Jam. An interactive & narrative story. A man wake up in a room after a car crash. Is he free to go or trapped inside ?

Audio Only Game with focus on accessibilty made during No Video Jam.This game is based on sound spatialization and use binaural sound. For the best experience, use headphones ! Concept You’re a baby alien looking for his mom in a sci-fi ship. Find her and avoid all traps and guards only with sounds !

A small drone simulator with totally tweakable physics behaviour.

Prototype of hologram style device for video game

Gesture based computer generated art