Arcade Shooter for VR The game puts you in the shoes of a doctor at nanoscale to fight infections by shooting viruses while preserving red and white blood cells.

Virtual Reality game about using a golf club in different situations. Game made in 48h for VR Jam 2020 : The theme was One tool Many uses

ElectroSheep is a super fun and revisited “sheperd” game. As a Drone Dog you’ll have to look after your herd of ElectroSheep. Save them from vicious trap, prevent them of being lost and guide them to the electric facility where we will be able to collect their electricity and recharge the sun’s battery!! Because yes… the sun works on ElectroSheep battery… you didn’t know about that, don’t you?! 😉 Enjoy! Made in 48h for Ludum Dare Game Jam

Video game made in 48h for Kenney Jam

“The Magnificent 7 shrimps” is a western, rhythm based game. The player must do combos in rhythm to avoid ennemies and obstacles until the final boss… – ” There are things that gnaw at a shrimp worse than dying : is to be cooked as tempura. “ The small fry community in a quaint corner of the sea are frequently under attack since Sushi-chef Calvera got his first Michelin star, celebrating his secret Tempura Recipe. He intends to marinate them again, and soon. The crustaceans combine their meager plankton savings and decide to hire 7 mercenary shrimps to repel the assault. The brave Chris sets off in to gather up the other magnificents that will help him face the horrible chef and reduce the Tempura recipe to a boil. “ – ” There are three kinds of suns in this seaty, sunshine, sunflowers and sons of bitches ! Those who spend their time denying their crimes,…

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